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One More Step Forward for the longest time going without a post! (Crickets Chirping) 

As I pull my little bitty blog out from the dusty corners of WordPress’s Long & Forgotten box… I finally feel as though I am able to spend some time putting my thoughts out there in the cyber world…  If not for any other reason but to indulge my inner creative writer.  I believe that in the coming months, you will see a redesign and relaunch that will satisfy my internetty-ich.

Looking forward to telling you all about all the steps that have been involved in the last year… not all of them forward, some backward… likening our little world to a really bad waltz… I was trying to do much of the leading.  Didn’t work out so well.

Stay tuned!


Word for 2014 – Kicking this year off with a bang!


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Today being the 11th of January is kind of a neat day… we have 11 more days until Olivia’s due date. She is, according to Dr. Osborne, ready whenever she wants to come. We’re “over the hump” and whenever she wants to make an appearance will be alright with him. I’m so excited! Brad and I both want to meet her so badly. I want to know what color hair and eyes she has… whose features she is most similar to. Of course she won’t look the same a few months after she is born as she does when she is a newborn. But I’m just so excited to know what she’s like! The nursery is finished… mostly. We still have one picture to hang and the car seat to get installed. Other than that we are ready to roll!


These past few weeks have rolled by so quickly it seems. Work has been good but getting increasingly tough with my current pregnant state. You wouldn’t think that pulling/pushing those stretchers at the hospital would be so much work on your body, but I am definitely noticing it. By the mid part of my day, I’m starting to get pretty sore and my legs are getting tired. I don’t have the endurance that I once had. I know that it is expected but it is still bewildering at times. I did a half marathon last year… and now I can’t even finish a 3 mile walk without wanting to lie down afterwards. Then again, I wasn’t carrying an extra human when I did the half. When we did the half last year, Rachel Simonis and I, neither of us had children. We both wanted them… prayed for them… talked about it… and now our lives have exploded in blessings: she is the foster mother of 3 precious boys and I’m pregnant with my first. Its nearly a year later and we’ll both be mothers a year from our half-marathon. I’m delighted. Its incredible how much changes in a year.

Brad and I have been talking about a lot of things pertaining to the future. We’re not sure how 2014 is going to shape up… but I do know we will have an exciting year. It feels as if things are going to shift very soon. The stuff that we have talked about are the following: Brad going to Global Awakening in PA, me going back to school for my BSN and ultimately my MSN with the intention of teaching nursing, changing jobs, moving to Pennsylvania, going deeper with Jesus, flowing in healing, flowing in the prophetic, being parents, selling the condo, moving in with my parents until we’ve made a decision on direction. This past Thursday, Jan 9th, we had the opportunity to eat dinner with a prophet named David McDonald and his family: Dee, Gabby, and Daniel. They were absolutely fantastic. It was our intention to meet him and get a feel for what he is doing in Charleston. Revival… building churches… refreshing churches… etc. We weren’t sure. When we got there, David started prophesying to the two of us. It was a really great word… this is what we remember:

God put us together as “opposites” for a reason. We’d be unique in the world that way. We are like chalk and cheese. I am like the fire, Brad is calm and patient. I am an exhorter, love to stir things up. I am creative. That God speaks to me in very visual ways – with visions and dreams and images. That I am to tell Brad the pictures I get. God has put love for people and compassion into Brad, he’s a pastor. I have a significant teaching gift within me. I am thinking about going back to school and God is going to provide a way so it is not a financial burden at all. He will provide a scholarship. It seems like he will make sure there is no financial burden ahead for us to prove a point to someone. He instructed me to ask God for what it is that I want and he will delight in giving it to me. He says that we will not have financial hardship.

  He said there is a calling on our lives. He detected a healing anointing and said Brad has a calling into full-time ministry as a pastor. Brad will have a greater affirmation of sonship in the time ahead, which he has been unsure of. When I mentioned the prophecy of the girl we spoke to in the past, he said the gold item in Brad’s hand was a scepter and he was wearing a robe. Brad would receive a new robe and a new ring. Brad has been given divine favor and opportunities with no effort on his part so that people would question why it was being given to him. He sees contracts in Brad’s future. He is not to strive or work for any of it, just receive it.

He said he sees a map for both of us with our preordained, predestined works being connected over time. The pieces would become clear as time passes and our vision would be united.  With regards to Global School, he said that would be a great place to grow in love and in healing and being prepared for full-time ministry, but wait to hear from God on that. Also it is a great network to be plugged into… for ministry.
Having a child will be a real turning point that will affect our life and ministry to the world. He said for us to wait on the Lord… that we are not to get in a hurry but to remain patient and wait on Him.
 He invited us to go to Uganda with him in the future… where he is the overseer for 40+ churches there.

To say the least… it is very interesting. He also said that Isaiah 58: 11, 12 are life verses for us. They are: “And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.”  This is also quite neat as when Brad and I were married, we had an artist paint a picture during our ceremony.  The header is the painting he came up with.  Look at the picture and then read the verses again.  Talk about amazing!  That painting was created over 6 years ago.  😉

Portland, OR Day 3 & 4

Unfortunately the place we were staying had a problem with its wifi network on the last two days we were there so this post is later than I meant it to be.  So here’s the skinny on the last full two days we were in Portland:

Day 3:

We woke up still in the beautiful Cannon Beach.  By midmorning the clouds and misty overhang had burned off, replaced with soft sunlight.  It caused the dampness from the day before to shimmer and twinkle like the entire area was sprinkled with jewels.  Mmm.. wish I could have gotten that picture on camera but as you have, undoubtedly, noticed I am hardly a photographer.  Well… inasmuch as a person that points and shoots with a camera is a photographer.  Its sort of saying a person that uses a commode is a king sitting on their throne.  Not much of a realistic comparison… me being a photographer.

We decided to get on US 26 East and head back to Portland.  The drive back was gorgeous.  Mountains, valley’s, tall trees, sunlight peeking through… ah… so beautiful!  It took us about an hour and a half going back… and once we got back I put on my pajamas and didn’t do anything else that whole day but read and relax.  We needed it.

Day 4:

Our last day in Portland… so sad.  We decided to head back into the downtown part of the city to go to the Portland Saturday/Sunday Market.  It is located at the Portland Riverwalk… which turned out to be beautiful and busy.  The market is much larger than it appears and took us about 2 hours to stroll through.  So many neat things for sale out there… also some stranger things.  I am not used to seeing Tarot card booths, Aura-photographing booths or palm reading booths.  Oh well… we found a cute baby outfit and receiving blanket.  I had to buy it… just couldn’t walk away!  Also… they had a ton of funny t-shirts.  So many creative sayings and pictures… one that got my attention and curiosity was a maroon shirt with “Gluten is the new Al Qaida” on it.  Hmm… dramatic much?  I probably stared at that shirt for 3 or 4 minutes… way to turn a food allergy into a political statement.  What is even funnier is that my oldest, dearest friend in the world has a gluten allergy.  I immediately thought of her.

After getting a philly cheesesteak at a food truck at the market, husBrad and I headed out to a little day hiking trail about 25-30 miles outside of the downtown area.   The trail is called the Wahclella Trailhead.  Its an easy 2 mile hike… a loop to the Wahclella waterfall and back.  It took us less than an hour to do the hike but enjoyed it immensely.  There is nothing more awe-inspiring than being under the shadow of mountains and a canopy of trees.  Love it!

Lastly, to cap off our fantastic day, husBrad and I picked up a few things for dinner at the grocery store and then went back to the apartment to watch the Clemson-Georgia football game.  It was on ABC and 5pm Pacific time… which worked out wonderfully for us since we were going to have to get up the next morning at 4:30 a.m. to get to the airport on time.  The game was very good… lots of scoring… lots of orange.  In the end Clemson won it 38-35.  Way to go Tigers!

Portland, OR… Day 2


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Day 2 looked a little different from Wednesday… instead of hanging out in Portland’s downtown area, we hopped in our rental car and made for the coast.  We had heard that Astoria, OR is a really neat place to visit.  It was the final location on the Lewis and Clark expedition across the country and thus is the oldest settlement West of the Rockies.  Technically we weren’t actually in Portland… so I suppose this post would be more aptly titled “Oregon, Day 2”.

HusBrad and I are the type of travelers that like to explore.  We are much more comfortable in a car driving around the outskirts and small towns that surround the larger towns we have visited.  We would much rather get up early and start looking around instead of staying up late checking out a city’s night life and all it has to offer.  So we picked up US 30 West and drove the 90+ miles to Astoria, OR.

The weather yesterday was completely gray – cloudy and rainy off and on all day.  We ended up having to buy ponchos so we wouldn’t be completely drenched while we walked around.  We found the Fort George Brewery and Public House through the trusty Yelp! app.  As the name suggests, they brew their own beer there and they boast quite a selection.  HusBrad had their Vortex IPA… the waitress said they were quite well known for that one.  It smelled like a Blue Moon… but that’s as far as I got, you know, being preggers and all.  He said it was quite good.  For lunch we ate a grilled chicken sandwich (me) and jambalaya (husBrad).  MMMMMmm!

Our waitress gave us some interesting tidbits about Astoria… so here are some little known facts:

  1. The Goonies’ house is located in Astoria… apparently right down the street from where she lives
  2. The Astoria Column, commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition, has 187 stairs in it.
  3. Kindergarden Cop and Short Circuit were filmed in Astoria.
  4. World-class Maritime Museum is located adjacent to their Riverwalk.

We ended up leaving the restaurant and walking down the Riverwalk.  Now, as Charlestonians, we are used to directing people to the waterfront and it being peaceful, beautiful, etc.  This was not like I expected… the walk was really neat.  It had plaques telling you information about the waterfront and such but Riverwalk itself weaved through industrial fishing docks and warehouses… And it smelled like it.  Don’t think that we didn’t enjoy it… there is a certain excitement about discovering new things and places… fully present for this outing as well.

Our next adventure was to head up to the Astoria column and check that out.  We climbed all 187 steps to the top and was rewarded with an incredible 360° view of the river and surrounding land.  Check out the panoramic picture at the top… it was taken from the top of the Column.  Talk about breathtaking!

We realized we were starting to run out of time to see some of the other great coastal towns so we jumped on the 101 South and headed out of Astoria.  We cruised through Seaside but nixed the idea of getting out there… it is highly commercialized there.  It reminded me of where Folly Beach, SC is headed… or where Myrtle Beach already is… yuck.

We pulled out and kept going… and were rewarded by coming across the cutest little town: Cannon Beach.  By this time it was around 3:30 in the afternoon and decided that we would get a room and stay the night.  Luckily, September marks the winding down of the summer season so it was not difficult at all to get a place.  We swung into the Cannon Beach Hotel… and within 20 minutes had checked in and were heading down the main drag to the shopping area with a small pitstop on the beach.  Since it was rainy and gray, the beach was extremely windy and tough to walk around without getting sand in your eyes.  We didn’t stay too long out there.  I can just imagine what it must be like on a clear day.  Incredible, I’m sure.

HusBrad and I were struck by how similar this town felt to the town of Kennebunkport.  It was small and quaint.  The local folks were very friendly and full of information.  The homes were small but sufficient and life moved a little slower.  Only difference… mmm, on opposite coasts.  The shops were so stinkin cute… there was one called Fruffles that has a very wide selection of gifts for the home, for him, for her.  In fact, two things that really got my attention while browsing: Spanks for Men and a Tiny White Newborn Hat.  Now… I noticed these two things for very different reasons.  The Spanks for Men I noticed for the sheer fact that 1) I’ve never seen Spanks made for men and 2) I don’t know any men that would ever consider wearing them.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist somewhere… I just haven’t met them yet.  The tiny newborn hat… for obvious reasons… because come January 27th, I’ll need one of those hats for my very own Lil’ Nugget.

Fun stuff!  Day 2 in the books.

Portland, Oregon… Day 1


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Today marks the first day of mine and husBrad’s vacation to Portland, Oregon.  Many folks have asked us, “Why Portland?”  In an attempt to answer this question: husBrad and I tend to pick a place that neither of us have ever been and go for it.  In years past we have made treks to the following places:

    • Kennebunkport and Portland, Maine
    • Saluda and Asheville, North Carolina
    • Charlottesville, Virginia
    • Loveland and Denver, Colorado
    • Portland, Oregon – current attraction

Of course, we’ve been to other places as well, but these are the ones that we’ve gone exclusively as a couple… just for some R&R.  So far my favorite is a tie between Maine and Colorado.  Maine was our Honeymoon… that one’s hard to beat.

It being our first full day here, we decided to go into downtown Portland to take a look at the lay of the land.  We found a great coffee shop called the Albina Press in the trendy little Hawthorne neighborhood.  The coffee was oh so yum!  One of the things that I noticed was that almost everyone that came in had either a skirt or hiking shorts and a pair of hiking shoes.  EVERYONE.  I felt a tad overdressed in my leggings and stripe-y tunic.  However… the bagels were tasty and perfectly toasted.  One thing I did notice and sort of thought a little odd was a young girl of about 8 or 9 with her mother drinking a latte as well.  Hmm… you don’t see that everyday.

After Albina we headed to the Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Gardens both located in Washington Park.  Both places are incredibly peaceful and full of beauty… for different reasons.  The Rose Test Garden has over 10,000 rose bushes planted there.  The oldest was planted in 1943.  The neatest part about it is that is where gardeners test different types of hybrid roses… some have patents.  The Japanese Garden is peaceful for a different reason… everything is green, well manicured, with a musical backdrop of running water (oddly similar to one of those relaxation cds).  It was a great walk… and we bought a mini-bonzai tree growing kit.

Next we headed to the city center and started walking around.  Brad wanted to go to a book store called Powell’s.  Which we did… it was gigantic… it spread two blocks and two buildings.  Nuts.  We probably spent an hour in there.  A definite must-see in Portland.  Afterward we headed out to cruise around more of the shops and streets… we discovered multiple lots of food trucks… they were serving everything from kebabs to collard greens to noodle dishes and italian pastas.  Instead of stopping, we headed to a little restaurant called Mother’s Bistro and Bar.  They serve breakfast all day in addition to a delightful lunch and dinner menu.  HusBrad had biscuits and gravy while I munched on a BLT salad.  The real treat came for dessert… an Espresso Brownie Sundae.  YUMMMO!!!

Following lunch, I had about as much walking as I could stand for awhile.  We hopped in the car and headed to the grocery store and then back to our little apartment for a relaxing evening-in.  Good stuff.

All in all… a productive Day 1.

18 Weeks… Almost Halfway There


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This past Sunday marked week 18 of my pregnancy.  In only two more weeks, I will be halfway to meeting this Lil’ Nugget.  What’s funny about all of it is that I still feel like this is a dream… Like its not even real yet even though I’ve seen Him/Her on the ultrasound and heard His/Her heartbeat.  However, this week marked something new… I felt the Lil’ Nugget move for the first time!!

I would love to tell you that it was an intensely special moment.  That I savored it and sat still to see if He/She would move again.  Alas… I thought I just had gas.  The next day I spoke to one of my friends at work who gave birth in the last 6 months to a beautiful baby girl.  I figured the pregnancy stuff would still be fresh in her mind.  She enthusiastically told me that what I was feeling was not gas… it was the baby moving!!  I sort of stared in shock as I realized that I missed it… sort of.  I don’t feel like I gave the moment its due respect… cause for much celebration and so on.  Then after work while I was eating dinner with husBrad the baby moved again… this time I was prepared and thus exclaimed with much reverence that the baby had moved.  I think he felt exactly the same that I did when I first felt it… like a deer in headlights… not sure how to respond.

At this point, the baby is moving a ton.  Its a funny, alien, exciting feeling.  Like a flutter and an occasional poke… it can send me running to the bathroom if he/she pokes on my bladder.  As he/she grows I imagine that they will get more significant and more forceful.  In fact, he/she is moving a lot right now as I write this… probably knows I’m talking about him/her.

Not only does the movement that I feel make me smile… it seems to have stimulated my imagination a ton.  I wonder if its going to be a boy or a girl… if he/she will have curly hair like me or straight hair like husBrad.  If he/she will have blue eyes or green eyes… tall or short… smart… funny… gentle… kind… hairy or not… etc.  As I think about this I find that I have an intense desire to hold him/her.

So, we originally thought that we would wait until the delivery to find out the gender of the baby.  However… husBrad has changed his mind about it… he says that we can find out if I really want to… um, yes please!  I’m still feeling a little unsure about that idea… because I really want to know.  BUT… it would be different waiting to find out.  I’m not such a control-freak that I have to know… or am I?  The decision to find out this small piece of information is giving me a lot to think about… I know husBrad wants to wait.  He knows I want to know… and that’s throwing me for a loop because he’s placed the decision squarely on my shoulders.

What would you do?

16 1/2 Weeks… A Heartbeat and a Dilemma


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So here we are… 16 1/2 weeks along.  I am not sure where time is going… but its flying by at incredible speeds.  It feels like I just posted about being 14 weeks.  I am excited to report that I am not feeling as nauseated as I have been.  That is such a relief.  Many of the moms that I work with all encouraged me saying, “Don’t worry!  It will get better in your 2nd trimester.”  I would like to say that I believed it every time they said it… but its hard to imagine it being true when you’ve been nauseated everyday for the past month and a half.  Thankfully, they were all correct!  I am delighted.  However, I seem to have stopped being nauseated for the most part but have gained some sinus congestion and occasional headache.  Not my favorite.

Last Friday I had another check-up with the doctor.  He says that everything looks great.  My blood pressure is ideal.  I still haven’t gained any weight… in fact, I’m still down 5 pounds since this all started.  That is not by design… simply by previous circumstances (nausea).  My uterus is growing and is in the appropriate place for where I am in gestation.  HusBrad did not come to this appointment with me.  I didn’t think it was going to be much… but then the doctor pulled out a fetal heart doppler thingy and I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  It was pumping along at 151 beats per minute.  There seemed to be a lot of interference and the doctor told me that it was the baby moving… and he/she was moving a ton!  Don’t know if it had anything to do with the coffee I had that morning or not.  I found myself crying at the sound… wishing that husBrad had come.  He would have been floored.

The next appointment will be on Friday, September 6th.  This will be the ultrasound where they check all of the pieces and parts of the baby to make sure everything is developing correctly.  I am so excited.  It is also the time when we can find out the gender of the baby.  Thus our dilemma presents itself.  HusBrad prefers not to find out and to be surprised.  Part of me wants to be surprised and part of me wants to find out the sex.  He says that if I want to find out that he will be fine with it but I just don’t know what to do.  We had some friends that found out at 20 weeks that they were having a girl and got everything in their nursery decorated and prepared and at 36 weeks found out that they were not having a girl… but a boy instead!  Talk about scrambling!  I still have plenty of time to make a decision about that… I already know my sister’s vote.  She definitely wants to know.

Before the next appointment happens… husBrad and I are going to Portland, Oregon for a vacation.  We randomly picked a town of the map… somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.  Neither of us have been to Portland and are looking forward to visiting.  I have no idea what we will do… usually we fly by the seat of our pants when we go on trips.  I’ve been doing a little bit of research.  It seems that there are tons of things to do outside… this is good.  One place we really want to check out is Crater Lake.  That seems like a must-see.  Have any of you ever been??  Any suggestions??

Pregnancy Update… 14 weeks and Counting!


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Its been awhile since I’ve last written… mostly because I have spend the last few weeks buried under my covers and in my pajamas. Being pregnant is a wonderful, glorious, nauseating, and tiring endeavor. I am at the end of my 14th week. Our estimated due date (EDD) is January 27th, 2014. GLORY! I’m very excited… and, I suspect, blissfully ignorant about how much my life is about to change. So here is my little update about life:

Physically: I’m tired. I could sleep at the drop of a hat… for hours. There is nothing that can prepare you for how exhausted you feel. I am legitimately surprised about that. I’m still struggling occasionally with nausea. Sometimes I will be walking around going about life and gag out of nowhere. That is weird… it throws me for a loop every time. I’ve started to experience some sinus congestion… this past week I had a headache that started on Monday and didn’t go away until Wednesday evening. I ended up missing work twice this week… along with other things. Sometimes I feel as though I’m missing everything. Other news… the photo attached to this entry is from today… I haven’t been documenting my belly growth much.. but now that it seems that I am having some bump-age I will start doing that.

Emotionally: I don’t consider myself to be overly emotional at the moment… However, I imagine that others around me might disagree. When I’m not feeling well I can dissolve into a mess of tears with one compassionate look from Brad. He has no idea what has happened to his wife… just ask him. Hormonal is probably the right description… though I hate being called hormonal. It elicits the same indignant response from someone that would quip, “You must be on your period” in response to some sort of interaction with me. Not my favorite thing… then again, I don’t know any woman that appreciates that sentiment.

Spiritually: This seems to be the broadest category at the moment. I am all over the map it seems. Thankfully, God is not surprised… and he doesn’t just tolerate me… He LOVES me so very much. I have been praying for BB (Baby Bonham) this week… my prayers are that the baby would be intimately aware of God’s presence and person even now. That he/she would grow up with such an understanding of God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit that nothing in the physical world around him/her would ever be able to convince him/her that He doesn’t exist, that he/she doesn’t belong to Him, that he/she is unable to know and be known by Him. Also… I’m learning a little bit about changing roles. That my focus will change a little… that it is okay and I’m not a lukewarm believer if I’m concentrating on the baby instead of preaching the gospel. Of course, I want to share Jesus… I’m just not out in public as much to do so. Still on my mind is learning the basics of guitar so that I can spend some time worshipping without my iPod. Praying and singing back scripture to God… That fascinates me… my heart is yearning for a deeper pool of God’s presence in which to submerge myself. So I have made the first steps… I bought new strings, a little string changer-outer tool thing, and a little guitar lesson on dvd produced by a local guitar teacher that I know. This has been on my mind/heart for quite some time… and I bought those things weeks ago and haven’t started. I will though! My goal is to at least get the strings changed and watch the DVD this week. On a separate note, Brad and I have scheduled a prayer walk for today. I’m excited… and expectant! (ha! ha! pun intended!)


photoI would love to say that I created this window project thing of beauty.  Alas, I did not.  I had been fixating on the ambitions of Pinterest dancing in my head for months when I came across some windows at a local antique market.  This was prior to the Christmas season and I figured that I could do a few as presents this year.  No problem.. right?  Wrong.

Pinterest-ers are just artisty professionals that make all of us uncrafty people painfully aware of our lack of craft-prowess.  The finished project does NOT come out like the picture.  Its annoying… and a terrible waste of time.   I would like to say that these Pinterest-ers are a mythical breed… but again, that is not true either.  My sister is one such person.  Bless her heart.  This gets me onto another subject altogether… but bear with me.

My sister, Elizabeth, is a all around fashion/creative/hipster genius… but don’t tell her.  I’m the older sister and supposed to be a leader… a guide, cheerleader, and the person her younger sister goes to for advice.  Perhaps in some cases this is true but mostly I go to her for advice on things like clothes, shoes, jewelry, home decor, creative gifty things, exercise, etc…  Doesn’t leave much does it?  Oh well, neither here nor there.

She also used to have this charming little feature about her that she would “borrow” things… only many times the item borrowed would mysteriously make its way to Goodwill. (Well, that only happened once and it was a pair of slippers… it took years for us to get over that… and 4 pairs of replacement slippers)  Bizzy no longer does this… as I teased her mercilessly for years… I fear I may have given her a complex.

I needed to share that with you in order for you to understand my story.  You see, in my haste to create these beautiful window gifts, I got a little overzealous and bought 10 of them.  They sat in my garage for roughly 2 months before I decided to flex my artist-muscle.  When I went in there to get my windows… I noticed that I seemed to be missing one.  But whatever, they’d been in there for months.  IMG_0316  So here I am getting started cleaning and sanding my window.  I invited some friends over so that they could do a few as well.

The sanding and cleaning process took forever.  Once that was finished I took my window in the house to paint it… that took a few hours for it to dry.  Then I started with chalkboard paint on three of the windowpanes.  That needed two coats each and took 24 hours to dry between coats.  By the time I got the second coat of chalkboard paint on the windows… I decided that I DO NOT LIKE CRAFT PROJECTS.  Which is a real bummer because that was the goal of my little blog that I started.  So what now??!

The girls that joined me had such cute windows.  They turned out so well.  But mine?  It looked stupid and ugly.  I hated it.  And I’m not putting a picture up… its that dumb.  So… I was bummed to say the least.  I even told my husBrad that anytime I get some ridiculous idea to do some creative project to just tell me “Remember the windows??” and it should cure me.

My sister had sneakily come to my house and pilfered one of the windows out of the garage… at the conspiratorial suggestion of my mother.  They had this idea that if I wanted to make them… then maybe I would like one for Christmas.  (Which is sorta like buying your own present… but don’t tell my sister that either).

HOWEVER… my little genius of a sister did such a great job… I realized three things:

  1. Biz is the type of girl that takes pictures of things she does and posts them on Pinterest to drive the rest of us uncreative girls crazy.
  2. She’s my sister and she’ll do things like this for me so I’ll be cool… without all the effort.  That’s pretty awesome.
  3. I really did want one… it was the perfect Christmas present.